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Costs and Payment

Tuition and Fees

For each semester or year in a foreign country, study abroad participants are charged fees associated with the host institution or specific program involved. In most cases, students pay tuition directly to the host program or university overseas.  For short-term intercession and summer travel courses, all fees will be assessed and communicated by the faculty program director. Three-credit NSU tuition costs are separate and will be billed directly through the university registrar.

Personal Expenses

In addition, study abroad participants, are responsible, unless otherwise indicated in the registration materials, for all costs beyond tuition, room and board. These costs may include passport and visa application fees, airfare, local costs, commuting costs not expressly included in the program fee, and other incidental expenses such as text books, laundry, entertainment, postage, gym/sports fees and telephone calls. Depending on the location, costs for personal items and services may be higher than in Norfolk. Students should refer to estimates provided by the program organizer when constructing a budget for the time abroad. Students are responsible for settling all debts incurred while abroad.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Costs of studying abroad can be considerable, but they are not prohibitive. Often funds designated for studying at NSU (including financial aid) may be applied to some of students’ foreign experience. Obviously some foreign locations will be more expensive than others, and the cost of transportation to the site varies; and the relative strength of U.S. currency is also a factor. For students on financial aid, all federal financial aid (Pell Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Perkins Loans, Stafford Loans, and Parent Plus Loans) except for work-study awards can be applied to NSU study abroad programs. In most cases, scholarship funds also can be applied.

If a student plans to enroll for a semester-long or a year-long program, in order to qualify for financial aid he or she is required to be enrolled for at least 12 hours as an undergraduate student (9 hours for graduate students) while studying abroad. Summer programs have more flexibility, but students are encouraged to enroll for at least 6 hours as an undergraduate student (and 6 hours for graduate students). 

For semester and year abroad programs, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the Renewal FAFSA must be completed between January 1 and no later than April 15 of the year when the student plansto begin your study abroad.

The FAFSA must be filed by March 1 for full aid consideration. For years when April 15 falls on a Saturday or Sunday the priority date will be extended to Monday. The FAFSA can be completed after April 15, but that limits the types of financial aid for which you will be considered.

Summer financial aid is processed separately from the academic year. Students may be eligible for aid for a summer study-abroad program even if they were not eligible during the academic year. The Summer Aid Application should be completed in this case. This application can beobtained at either the Financial Aid Office or the IP office. It is available in mid-March. The application deadline is April 15. Applications received after the deadline will be considered for 
loan programs.

Students are strongly advised to apply for a Ford Direct Loan. The FAFSA application is required for this and should be done at least one month prior to the beginning of the program.  Students not eligible for need-based financial aid grants and loans may be eligible for the unsubsidized Ford Loan program or alternative loan options. FAFSA filing should be completed to determine eligibility. The NSU Financial Aid Office may be consulted for further details.  Financial aid funds that are in excess of the fees/tuition will be refunded to students one week before the program starts.

The IP office may, in some cases, award partial or complete scholarships for study abroad to qualifying students, based on an internal selection process and contingent on the availability of funds. These scholarships are for the most part very competitive and require application forms and deadlines that must be strictly respected.   IP will assist interested students in identifying and applying for national scholarships for support of study abroad programs during the regular academic year or the summer.

Withdrawal Fees and Expenses

A minimum withdrawal fee of $250, along with all unrecoverable expenses incurred by Norfolk State University on behalf of the student, will be charged to all students who voluntarily withdraw or are expelled from a semester or year-long program prior to its initiation or during its implementation. These charges will be applied to the student’s NSU account. Additional financial and academic consequences of voluntary withdrawal or expulsion are as follows:

a. If the student withdraws or is withdrawn for any reason before or after the program begins, but before NSU has begun classes, the student may enter classes at NSU for that semester. Tuition refunds are subject to the refund schedule outlined in the NSU catalog and Academic Calendar.

b. If the student withdraws or is withdrawn for any reason before or after the program begins, and after Norfolk State University has begun classes, she or he will automatically be withdrawn from NSU, and will need to be readmitted before resuming study at NSU. This includes withdrawal from an academic year program at the end of the first semester. Tuition refunds are subject to the refund schedule outlined in the NSU catalog and Academic Calendar.

c. If the student is expelled from the program at any time, the student will be withdrawn from Norfolk State University, and will need to be readmitted before he or she can resume study at NSU. The student will not be eligible for any refund or credit from Norfolk State University, and will be responsible for all expenses incurred by NSU on behalf of the student.

d. If the student withdraws from a faculty-led short-term intercession or summer course, deadlines for the partial refund of payments, as indicated in the original registration form, apply.  Students should be aware that when such a withdrawal affects the overall cost of the program and may have an incidence on expenses incurred by other participants, the faculty director of the program reserves the right to withhold all funds paid. Students will abide by all contractual obligations listed in the conditions of participation form which they have signed.

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